Friday, January 25, 2013

Michael pt2

Heather awoke next to Michael, a content smile on her face. The kiss on the porch led quickly to a night of love making neither had ever enjoyed before. She dared not move, not wanting to wake him, the feeling of his body next to her made tiny butterflies flutter in her tummy. She couldn't be any happier.

Michael stirred, and released a soft sigh; he had been awake for some time. The nights activates played over in his mind. He couldn't remember ever of being so at one with another person. Last night’s kiss had flowed over him like warm honey; he could actually feel her love, happiness, her everything, pouring into him at that moment their lips met.

"Good morning," he said, pulling her body close, enjoying how her spooned body fit cozily into his.

Heather turned slightly, just far enough to see his face, "Good morning," she returned with a smile.

"That was some night."

"The first of many," she replied, starting to squirm.

"What's wrong? Are you trying to get away from me already?"

"Not at all, it’s just well," she started blushing, "I have to...You know."

"Know what?"

"Oh you," she smiled, then got out of bed, grabbed a pillow, and tossed it at him as she head to the bathroom.

Michael couldn't get her smile out of his mind; she was just cute.

He sat up in the bed, resting his back against the head-board and looked around. "Wow, we sure made a mess," he said looking at the dirty bedding, remembering his wet, muddy body from the night before. "I guess I should go home and get a shower," he thought.

"Why go home for that," Heather winked, sticking her head out of the bathroom door, startling him a bit.

"I don't know if I’ll ever get use to you hearing my thoughts," he stated, getting up to take her offer of using her shower.

"I'm sorry," she spoke biting her lower lip, "I'm just excited about you being here." Then closing her eyes, she called up a little power, "There, now I can't hear anything you're not directing towards me. I hope that's ok."

Michael relaxed, and looked into her hope filled eyes, "I'm sorry I'm so jumpy, I'm sure I'll get use to everything soon enough."

"It's ok, after all, I've had life times to get use to magic, and you just found out about it a few days ago. Now get in here, If you hurry I'll let you wash me," she flirted, quickly disappearing into the bathroom, and starting the shower.

"Life time’s"," he began, but stopped, and hurried after her.

Michael entered the shower behind her, trying unsuccessfully to keep from staring. She was so beautiful. Heather was roughly five-eight, with dirty blond hair. Her back turned towards him, he watched water run down her back, then curve over her shapely rear. Feeling his body beginning to respond, he turned away.

Heather for her part, was waiting to feel his hands upon her, and was doing her best, Girl under a waterfall, impression, hoping to entice him, realizing this wasn't working she decided to take another tact.

"You know," she began, "I hope you're not too cold back there."

"No, no, I'm fine," he lied.

"Oh really," she turned, revealing her tear shaped breasts to him, "Cause I can see Goosebumps," she smiled, then biting her lip, "You're not scared of me, are you?"

"Scared of you," Michael repeated, stepping closer to her, "Look, just because you momentarily surprised me with that little magic trick the other day, doesn't mean I was ever scared."

"Oh really." she teased, her smile getting bigger.

"Yes, really," he grinned, finally coming close enough to her their bodies touched.

"So you weren’t even a teeny tiny little bit afraid."

"Absolutely positively not even a little," he concluded, kissing her on the back of her neck.

"Good," she smiled mischievously, "Then let me do it again, that is, unless you still need more time, you know, to get over your fear.

Michael was backed into a corner, and they both knew it. He could see her satisfied grin and twinkling eyes playfully waiting for him to respond. "Erm...he choked out, the last time..."

"Don't worry," she quickly interrupted, "That won’t happen again, I promise."

He really didn't want to, but he also didn't want to disappoint her, "Oh alright," he blurted, mustering as much fake confidence as he could.

Heather squealed in delight, wrapped her arms around him, and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. "Now remember, think to me if you want to talk, I can’t just read your thoughts right now, ok?"

"Ok he replied," worry, clearly showing on his face.

Michael stepped back and closed his eyes, causing a tiny giggle to escape Heathers lips; he looked like he was waiting for a firing squad to appear and offer him one last smoke.

Heather thought a second on what she wanted to transform him into and smiled; Gathering a bit of power she focused, and then released the energy into Michael.

This was the first time Michael was awake to feel her magic working on him, and the sensation, though not unpleasant, was a little unsettling. He opened his eyes in time to watch as his body changed, from its usual slightly tan color, into a light pink, he watched as Heather seemed to grow in front of him, as his naked body sunk into itself getting smaller and smaller.

He couldn't believe he had given Heather permission use her magic on him, and as his arms and legs pulled into him, he somewhat wished he hadn't. The slight pool of water he had been standing in was quickly getting higher and higher on his body, giving him pause to think he might drown, but like last his short time as a doll, he soon realized he wasn't breathing anymore.

Heather always loved watching the transformation process, and with Michael, even more so. Whether he knew it or not, he was fighting her magic a little, causing his form to change a lot slower than it would normally if he just relaxed and allowed it happen; Of course she could force the magic to work faster, but this was, to her, much more fun to watch.

Michael felt himself stop changing and knew he was whatever Heather had imagined and he lay, somehow looking up at her, waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Heather smiled and squatted down, giving Michael an unintentional spectacular view at her now, from his new vantage point, immense vagina; causing his arousal to grow. He watched as water trickled down her tummy, then meeting her soft folds, dripped enticingly off her lovely pink lips.

Heather reached down to pick Michael up, hesitating slightly feeling his arousal increase. "Wow," she started, "What's getting you so worked up?" she questioned, her own body feeding off of his sexual desire causing her hand to reach down and caress her Brazilian kept nether's.

The simmering show Heather was inadvertently putting on for Michael had been cranked to a boil after including her hand as a new character. The stimulation he felt as his private show continued started a sexual loop between the two; the more aroused he got, the more she played with herself, the more she played with herself, the more aroused he got.

Michael felt he might go mad with desire, wanting nothing more than to touch and take her as he had last night, when out of nowhere, he begin to feel her arousal, and the pleasure she was bringing herself with her own ministrations.

This was more than Michael could take, and at the same time he heard Heather yell out, he came, Hard; the feeling was unlike any he had before, it rolled around him and through him at the same time, and just when he thought it was over, another small scream from Heather, and the feeling started all over again.

"That was...that was soo yummy," she beamed, sitting and laying back against the tub, the shower spraying down on her legs.

Not wanting to stand up she pulled up the stopper, and switched the water so it would fill up the tub. Looking down to her feet, she saw the water rise over Michael. She smiled at her helpless "One" and picked him up by his tiny silk cord.

"I don't know what got into you, but it was terrific," she said to the soft pink scrubby, rolling it between both her hands, loving the feelings emanating from her little bath helper.

Michael didn't respond, he just reveled at her playful caresses upon his delicate material. If anyone had ever told him that someday, one of his happiest memories was going to be of being a bath scrubby for an incredibly, sexy woman, he would of thought them mad, but here he was, blissful as can be.

"I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself," Heather expressed, turning the warm water off, "And just think," She continued, "We're only just getting started. I do believe I said if you came in here, I'd let you wash Me." she giggled, "Bet you never thought it'd be so literal." Then reaching down she grabbed some bodywash and continued one of the longest, orgasmic bath's the world has ever seen.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Michael arrived in the small town of Wika just one week ago; he had spent that time trying to get settled into his new place. It was small, only including a closet sized bedroom, a bathroom with only a stand-up shower with toilet, and a living area containing a travel fridge, sink and a two burner stove top.

The lady he was renting from had promised to let him use the few furniture items present and even produced on old television for him to use.

All in all, the place wasn’t bad, just small; Mrs. Johnson, or rather Aunt Jenny as she preferred to be called, had kept the tiny add-on well kept. It was clean and everything worked.

Michael had just finished putting away the house hold items he bought, at the one and only thrift store in town, when he heard Aunt Jenny knocking at the door.

“Hi Mrs. Joh...erm…I mean Aunt Jenny, thanks again for everything you’ve done, I really appreciate it.” He said with a warm smile, as he opened the door to let her in.

“It’s my pleasure.” She replied walking in, carrying a plate with a sandwich in one hand and a pulling a coke from her apron pocket. “Here” She presented, “I thought you might be hungry so I made you lunch.”

“Ahh…that’s so nice of you, but you really shouldn’t spoil me like this.” Michael said taking the gift from her, his stomach growling at the site.

“”Hehe, I like doing things like this for people.” Her smile widened.

Michael and Aunt Jenny bantered while he ate, stopping only after he noticed through the window, the loveliest women he had ever seen.

“Who’s that?” he asked, motioning toward the pretty girl.

“That’s Heather.” She replied, a small look of worry showing in her eyes. “I know she’s pretty but please be careful, I’ve lived here a long time, and I can tell you, there’s something strange about that one.”

Michael watched as Heather gathered groceries from her car. She was beautiful and graceful, her every movement made her look as if putting on a performance for an invisible crowd.

The sound of Aunt Jenny’s voice seemed far away as he walked to the window to get a better view, “She stunning.” He said under his breath, moving the curtain with one hand.

Those words were barely out of his mouth when he watched as Heather stopped what she was doing and turned her head in his direction. He could feel her eyes on him, looking into him; he felt a yearning for her and was surprised as she mouthed the words, “Thank you.”

Michael was pulled from his trance by the feeling of Aunt Jenny grabbing his arm, “Michael…Michael are you alright?” he heard her ask.

“Umm…Yes, yes, I’m sorry,” he stuttered, “I…I was just.”

“It’s quite alright,” Aunt Jenny retorted, “I was young once.” She smiled, the same look of caution in her eyes, “Just remember what I said, and be careful.”

“I will ma’am,” he said showing her to the door. “Thank you again for everything, and please feel free to visit with more food anytime.” He said jokingly and closed the door.

After saying his good-byes, Michael hurried back to the window, hoping to catch another glimpse of his new neighbor, but it was too late, she was gone.
Michael spent the next three days trying to get another glance at the young woman across the way, but had no luck. He battled with the idea of just walking over and knocking on her door to introduce himself.

“She probably has a boyfriend,” he thought, and decided to give up his pursuit.

Just as he was about to close the curtain and walk away, he caught a glimpse of her walking to her car. She headed straight to her trunk and opened it. He watched as she lost her struggle to retrieve a heavy yellow bag from inside it.

“This was his chance,” he thought excitedly, “He could walk outside, ask if she needed help, and be her hero; what better way to meet her,” he reasoned.

Hurrying out the door he tried to calm down and act cool; pretending to walk down to the mailbox. Reaching the end of the road he cleared his throat and prepared to ask if she needed help when he heard her speak to him.

“Sir,” she said her voice flowing like a melody, “Could you help me please, I just can’t get this bag out, no matter how hard I try.”

“Ah…ah…umm” Michael stuttered, his “cool” facade crumbling. “Erm...Yes...Yes ill help,” he finally managed to get out.

Heather giggled softly as she watched him trip over his own feet, brush himself off, and then try, with little success, to walk confidently towards her.

“I’m Heather,” she stated, holding her hand out. “It’s very nice to meet you.”

Michael attempted to clear his throat, “Michael, I’m Michael,” he said taking her hand and shaking, “Yes good to meet you too.”

Michael’s face was red, he couldn’t believe how he was acting; in his mind he was trying to portray a sexy, cock-sure lover boy, but what was coming out, oh God, what was coming out was a total tool.

Heather tried her best not to show she noticed his nervousness, and only smiled and pointed to the bag, “If you could grab that and follow me, I’ll show you where you can put it.”

Michael grabbed the bag with both hands and pulled hard expecting the package to try his strength, but instead he fell back on his bottom, the weight being far less than he expected.

He started to get angry, then hearing a soft giggle from Heather, looked up and smiled. “Guess I don’t know my own strength,” he said clearly, his first time not stuttering to talk to her.

“It’s my fault,” she said softly, “I should of told you it wasn’t really that heavy, I’m kinda embarrassed to say, but I just really wanted to meet you, can you forgive me?” she asked, biting her lip.

“Forgive…Meet me” he stammered. “Why would you want to meet me?” he finished, brushing himself off for the second time.

Heather’s own excitement was starting to show, she had waited so long to find someone, anyone she could read like Michael. Her heart had always felt like there was a hole it in, and yearned daily for it to be filled. She thought that day would never come.

Then it happened, three days ago after getting home with her shopping she had the strange feeling of being watched, no, watched wasn’t quite the right word, more of the feeling of something brushing against her soul. Looking around, she spotted a young man peering at her through a small window, then she felt his words call her stunning.

She remembered saying “thank you” then watched the boy turn away, she took that time to gather herself and hurry inside. Closing the door she dropped the groceries and leaned back against the door, tears of joy started to run down her cheeks, “finally, thank the Goddess,” she said excitedly, hurrying to find a tissue.

“Heather?” he said softly, breaking her reminiscing, “Why would you want to meet me?” he asked again.

Heather smiled brightly, “Come inside and I’ll tell ya.” She flirted, and hurried to open the door; Turning back towards Michael, “Well are you coming or are you going to make me sad.” She asked, again biting her lip.

Michael was standing like an idiot, his mouth open, not saying a thing. “She wants to meet me and wants me to go inside her house,” the idea was more then he hoped. He felt his legs move, almost on their own, and said, “Yes…Yes, I’m coming,” And followed her inside.

Heather showed him to the couch and they both sat down. She noticed how when he sat, he moved to give her plenty of space between them, heck, the only way he could of given her more room was if he sat on the arm.

They sat in silence for awhile, Heathers bright smile started to be replaced with one of worry, she had no idea where or how to start, if she jumped right into it, would it scare him away? Oh Goddess, she couldn’t bare that.

“You have a nice place.” Michael stated, breaking the silence.

“Thank you,” she replied, her mind still on the story she desperately wanted to tell. “I’m sure your place is nice too,” she added trying to stay off more of the uncomfortable quiet.

Michael laughed at that, “Thank you, but you haven’t been inside; your living room here is about as big as my entire apartment.”

Heather nodded, realizing how dumb her last statement was, “So you’re new in town, huh, planning on staying long.” She asked, still almost bursting to get to her tale.

“I’m not sure,” he answered. “I seem to be looking for something, I don’t know what, but I move to a town, get a job and make enough money to do it over and over again; I guess that sounds pretty stupid.”

“No… no it doesn’t at all,” she said moving closer to him on the couch. “Maybe you’re looking for a person,” she concluded, inching even closer.

“Maybe,” he said nervously, just noticing how close Heather had gotten.

Michael’s emotions were on a rollercoaster and he didn’t know why; he had sat and talked with many women throughout his journey to, “find something”, and never had he been so lost in ones presence; he wanted her to touch him, take him and never let go.

“I want that too”, Heather said reading his mind, and reached out and took his hand.

Heather sensed his fear at her reading his mind, “It’s ok, please calm down,” she soothed. “I need you to open your mind and relax, I’m going to get us some tea and when I come back I’m going to tell you everything.” She stood and walked into the kitchen.

Michael’s tension started to flow away as soon as Heather left the room. “Did she really just read my mind?” he wondered shaking his head. “Maybe he should get the heck out of there,” he thought, but made no move towards the door.

Thinking it over, he realized Heather was right; it had been a person he was looking for, this realization made him smile brightly, because he knew, Heather was her, and that his search was over.

Heather came back carrying a small silver platter with a ivory white tea set carefully arranged on it; placing it on the coffee table she looked up and saw Michael’s smile, he had finally calmed down and his mind was open again.

“You’re her aren’t you?” he asked meekly. “The thing…erm person I’ve been looking for.”

Heathers heart leapt, he was ready, “Yes,” she replied, “But to be honest, I’ve been searching for you too.”

“You read my mind earlier, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Heather answered again.

“How? I mean, I thought that kind of thing only happens in movies.”

Heather could tell he was as ready as he was going to be so she started, “I’m a witch, well kinda, I can use magic…erm well magic flows through me, or rather, I can direct it…shoot, let’s just say I’m a witch, it’ll be easier.”

Michael was speechless, here he was, sitting beside the loveliest women he had ever seen, the person he had spent years trying to find, and she was off her rocker.

“I am not,” Heather blurted, “It’s true.”

Michael jumped a bit at her outburst, and then realized she had done it again. “You really are good at guessing what I’m thinking.”

Heather let out a tiny giggle, “Guessing huh,” she smiled. “You’re lucky you’re so cute, cause it’s sure taking you a while to catch on.” She teased.

Michael feigned a hurt look then grinned, “Ok…ok, I believe you,” he admitted, “So you can read everyone’s mind, I bet that’s fun.”

“No…I mean yes, it’s fun being able to read your mind, but I can’t read everyone’s. The thing is, you’re special, well special for me. That’s why I fooled you earlier with the bag; I had to meet you.”

“Special for you?” Michael queried.

“Yes, you see, we…erm…witches, can search life time after life time for a person we can read…umm share our magic on…with. I know this is all a bit much but I swear its true, the only other person in the world I’ve found I could read at all was another witch, and I can’t read her mind, just kinda sense it. With you though, Michael please listen, if you would allow me, we can share so much.”

“I don’t really understand what you’re talking about Heather,” Michael confessed. “But I do know this, I haven’t been able to think about anything but you from the first time I saw you, Magic, no magic, I don’t care; I just want to be part of your life and I’d do almost anything for that to happen.”

Heather threw her arms around him and kissed him softly on the cheek; “Thank you Michael, I promise that we will always be together, forever and ever.” She said excitably and continued to rattle on about how their new lives together were going to be great.

Michael’s expression changed, “Always, Forever” he thought and started to panic. He could still hear Heather chatting cheerfully, but her voice sounded far away. He was getting light headed and needed air, he tried to stand but fell down, a dark fog slowly crept over his eyes, he felt Heather grab him, then nothing, as the dark fog consumed him.

Michael slowly started to wake, the panic he had felt earlier having faded from his mind. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, “Wow”, he thought to himself, “Her house must be bigger than I thought, I didn’t noticed she had such high vaulted ceilings.”

He then tried to sit up, but found it impossible to move, “Oh God, I must of fell and broke my back, I’m paralyzed”, he concluded and struggled vainly to move even the smallest of muscles. This, not having any effect, he tried to call out for help, but found this just as impossible, for his lips wouldn’t move either.

Michaels fear started to rise, he knew his heart should be pounding right now but he couldn’t feel it, as a matter of fact he noticed, there were a number of things that didn’t add up. Michael started to calm down and take them all in.

Using his eye’s he looked back towards the ceiling, “There’s no way it could be so high”, he reasoned, it appeared to be ten stories up, next he noticed how out the corner of his eye he could tell he was on a bed, but not just any bed, It must have been the biggest bed ever to exist. Looking down, Oh man, looking down he could tell his clothes had been changed, and not into something he would have picked out himself. “This just can’t be happening”, he thought again, hoping to wake up quickly, from this strange, strange dream.

Heather stood quietly, just out of Michaels view, doing her best to shield her presence from him. She had no idea what to do. She hadn’t wanted to transform him so quickly or without his permission, especially for the first time, but he was falling and she didn’t want him to get hurt.

Still it would have been fine, Michael was unconscious, and hadn’t seen a thing so she figured she would just carry him up to her bed, change him back, and he would be none the wiser. That was her plan at least, but then Kimiko showed up just as she was laying Michael down.

There was no way she could let Kimiko know about him, not yet at least. To say Kimiko was unpredictable was an understatement, on top of that, she had a mean jealousy streak; Heather could only imagine what Kimiko would of done if she had seen a man in the bed they sometimes shared.

So she had left him like he was, cast a quick sleep spell on him, which would last about an hour, and ran to greet Kimiko before she made it to the bedroom.

Kimiko arrived at Heathers half worried half irritated; over the last couple of days every time she called, Heather had been a bit removed during their conversations. She pressed Heather to tell her what was on her mind but had been told she was, “Just busy,” and “I’m a little tired.”

Kimiko couldn’t stand it anymore so she had come to talk face to face. Heather might be able to act aloof on the phone but she was putty in Kimiko’s hand when they were together. Kimiko laughed at the thought. She might just have to try that later.

Walking inside Kimiko yelled out, “Heather, Heather where are you?”

“Right here,” Heather responded, running up to Kimiko and giving her a warm hug and a soft kiss on the lips. “What a wonderful surprise.”

Kimiko enjoyed the kiss but could tell instantly Heather was hiding something. “OK girlie spill it,” Kimiko demanded, not being fooled for a second.

Heather took a breath, looked deep into Kimiko’s eyes and replied casually, “Spill what Kimi?”

Kimiko hated having her name shortened, and Heather knew it. “Don’t call me Kimi.” She said through gritted teeth.

“Ahh…is my sexy Kimi getting mad?” Heather teased.

“I’m warning you,” Kimiko retorted, taking a step back from Heather.

Heather knew she was asking for it, but she had to keep up the distraction. “Oh no…Is my tiny little Kimi giving me a warning, I’m soo scared,” she winked playfully at Kimiko and slowly walked around her, pinching her bottom gingerly as she made her way around.

“That’s it, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Kimiko stated factually, then gathered a bit of power from within herself, focused on what she wanted to happen and directed the energy towards Heather.

Heather felt the energy flow through her and knew this transformation was different from the normal game playing the two ladies partook in; as usual Kimiko had done something to raise the bar.

Kimiko's magic worked quickly on Heathers body, she smiled impishly as she watched the years melt off her lover’s body, younger and younger she became, her clothes sagged at first, then fell away, pooling almost neatly at her feet. When the spell had finished, a perfectly cute little girl, wearing only a pair of over sized gloves was standing quite shocked, in front of her.

“Wha…what have you done Kimiko?” Heather stuttered.

Kimiko stared down at the little girl, “I warned you,” she started, a wry smile on her lips, “Guess I don’t look so tiny any more, do I, little Heather.”

Heather had played many games with Kimiko, but she had never been regressed, she was more than a little nervous, “This has to be an illusion,” her new high voice squeaked.

“Nope,” Kimiko replied, “It's very real; take a good look at yourself.” She said handing the scared child a mirror.

Heather grabbed it quickly and gazed unbelievingly at the image looking back at her, it was real, Kimiko had somehow given her the body of a cute little girl.

“Why the gloves?” Heather asked quietly, unable to tare her gaze away.

“To give you some prospective, I want you to see exactly how small you are, too know how fragile you’ve become. Kimiko explained.

“But why a child? This isn’t something we ever agreed on.” Heather questioned.

Kimiko walked over to the still-in-shock girl, kneeled down and turned Heather away from the mirror. Grabbing Heathers chin gently, she lifted it so their eyes met. “Because you were being bad girl,” she replied, her smile turning a little wicked, “And you know what happens to bad little girls….Don’t you, baby girl?”

Heathers eyes went wide, “You…you wouldn’t,” she stammered, her bottom lip starting to tremble.

“Oh yes, you know how I believe that sparing the rod will spoil the child.”

“Noo!” Heather screamed, trying to run away, but Kimiko was too close, and easily captured the tender girl.

Heather was Kicking and screaming trying to break free but it made no difference except to make Kimiko enjoy the situation all that much more. Kimiko sat down and laid the defiant child across her lap; she placed one hand on Heathers back, which was more than enough to keep her pinned, and raised the other in the air prepared to administer punishment.

Heather was going crazy to get away, and became even more frantic after being positioned with her naked, petite rear-end ready to be spanked.

Kimiko took a few seconds to drink in the sight of her girlfriend, the way she struggled, her little legs flailing about, hearing her pleas to be let go, “Mmmm…” she thought to herself, “How delicious.” Then with no warning at all she let her hand come down…Hard.

Heathers pleas to be let go, turned quickly to tears for Kimiko to stop; the pain and humiliation she felt was more than her now reverted emotions could handle; her tears flowed like raindrops onto the carpet below her.

Whack! Kimiko’s hand came down again, Whack…Whack, two more swats, Kimiko listened as Heathers prayers for her to stop became an unintelligible noise of sobs and moans; she stopped her assault, holding her hand primed for another to examined how the soft white skin of Heathers heinie had become red and swollen, the outline of her fingers clearly visible.

The heat of Kimiko's anger was dissolving but a flash of remembrance shot through her fueling her anger long enough to give Heather two more swats.

Heather, for her part, had stopped fighting Kimiko midway through the spankings and now laid a wet quivering mess across Kimiko’s legs; her tiny bladder had given out during the last two surprise attacks causing her even more shame. She wanted nothing more than to just curl herself into a ball on the floor and cry herself to sleep.

Kimiko had felt the wetness on her legs, and her heart skipped a beat. Her anger and excitement were replaced with feeling of regret. “Had she gone too far again? Was Heather alright?” she thought, and carefully turned the broken girl over and looked her in the eyes, the sight of Heathers face made her want to cry.

Kimiko stood with Heather in her arms, walked her carefully to the couch and placed the teary eyed, soiled girl down. Closing her eyes, Kimiko found her power and used it to clean them, the carpet and now the couch of all the urine, next she directed her power to create a blanket big enough to cover the recovering child.

“I’m…I’m sorry…I…I cal..called you Kimi,” Heather fought to get out, her sobbing making it hard to speak.

Kimiko looked down at her precious girl, her heart breaking at the small girls whimpering. “That’s not why I did it.”

“Then…then wh…why?” Heather struggled again.

“Because I know you’re hiding something from me, I can feel you blocking me, Please, Please just tell me.” Kimiko’s said, her strong presence crumbling for a second.

Heather stared up at Kimiko, and started to speak but stopped, she needed time before she told her.

Kimiko could see the conflict in Heathers eyes, “Well you’re getting off lucky,” Kimiko stated her regular personality taking over again, “I would love to stay here all day playing more…Umm…games with you until I got the truth, but I have to fly out to Vegas for the next couple of weeks for work, I’m helping to put on a fashion show.”

Heather couldn’t even think straight, Kimiko had seen through her plan, spanked her, and now was talking like nothing happened.

“I know you’re feeling unbelievably vulnerable and scared, but you’ll feel much better in about ten minutes, it’s a side effect of the spell I used to give you that cute little body.” Kimiko bent over and kissed Heather on the forehead, “Tell the Sisters I'll be a couple days late for our get-together,” she continued and walked to the door.

“Heather,” Kimiko began, stopping short of walking out the door, “When I get back we Will finish our little talk, I hope that gives you enough time, I really do love you, but we did promise “no secrets” from each other.” Her serious tone disappearing, “Bye-bye, see you in two weeks.” She finished, walking out the door.

Heather didn’t move from the couch until Kimono’s spell had ended and she found herself back in her true form, thinking again with a clear head. She thought hard about what Kimiko had said and felt a bit guilty about not telling her about Michael, but she would tell her, she just needed time, she just hoped two weeks would be enough.

Back upstairs, Heather still stood totally quiet, her sore rear a reminder of Kimiko's visit, She knew Michael was awake and could feel him beginning to panic, She was out of time and she knew she had to approach him.

Michael, still staring at the ceiling, could now see Heather approaching out the corner of his eye, relief started to rush over him and then panic at Heathers massive size, “She was a giant,” he thought to himself.

Heather couldn’t help but let out a tiny giggle at Michael’s thought, “Hey there,” she smiled down at him, “I’m not a giant, it’s just your kinda small right now.”

“Small? Wha…what’s going on, what’s happened to me?”

“Well,” she began, I sorta changed you, I had to really, you were falling and I didn’t want you to get hurt.” she explained.

“Changed me?” he questioned, then stopped short realizing his lips still weren’t moving but they were talking anyway.

Heather smiled again at his revelation, “That right, we are,” she thought to him, her own lips remaining still, and slowly sat next to him.

With Heather sitting next to him, Michael could almost get a clear picture of exactly how small he was, “You weren’t kidding about you changing me, were you?” He asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

“No, and I’m afraid it’s even worse then you know,” she said honestly, “Hold on, I didn’t really mean worse, the thing is, you were falling, and I didn’t have much time to think, so I just changed you into the first thing that came to mind.”

“Thing? You mean you didn’t just shrink me? I’m not me? What…what came to mind? What am I,” Michael thought, panic starting to overwhelm him again.

I’ll show you,” she began, “But be warned, When I touch you, you’re going to feel things a lot different than normal,” She smiled, “The fact is, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.”

“Love it?”

“Yes love it, though it might take you some time to admit it.” She finished to herself, and then gently ran her fingers across his new body.

Lights of every color flashed within Michael’s mind, Heather had to grip herself from all the pleasure he was feeling, She knew from her experiences with Kimiko that pleasure would be shared between the two of them, but it had never been to this extreme.

“Oh Goddess!,” she screamed, her body trembling from the afterglow of just the one touch. It took Heather several minutes and the sound of Michaels own moan’s before she could come back to herself.

“Heather, Heather,” Michael panted, “Please, please no more, I don’t think I could take it; I can’t please,” he stammered, almost on the verge of tears. “It felt….” Was all he could think before he blacked out.

Heather sat stunned, defiantly needing a shower, maybe a cool bath, she felt so hot. “How can that of happened,” she wondered, her mind drifting to that pulse of bliss; “Oh my Goddess how?” The bliss carried her to clarity and she knew. The bond Kimiko and she shared was strong, but nothing compared to what she and Michael had, so to share the Joy, the two girl’s had gotten into the habit of adding a sort of pleasure booster. She had inadvertently done the same when transforming Michael.

“Guess I’ll need to be more careful next time,” Heather laughed and called forth the power to remove the booster, she considered returning Michael to his human form, but that thought was pushed aside after hearing his return to consciousness.

“Heath…Heather.” He stammered, “What just happened, it hurt…felt good, I…I don’t know, My head…Heather, what’s going on?”

Heather could feel his fear and confusion, easily washing away the feelings of pleasure she felt just moments ago. “I’ll show you,” she replied, then stood, walked to her dresser, and retrieved a small hand mirror.

Taking as small as steps as possible, afraid of what Michaels reaction was going to be, she finally stood over him again. She reached down to position him so he could more easily see his reflection, when she stopped suddenly, hearing him begin to whimper softly and feeling his fear rise.

“Oh God please no,” he cried, “Please Heather don’t touch me again.”

Heathers heart was breaking, “Shhh…It’s going to be ok, what happened before was an accident, I promise, I would never do anything to hurt you intentionally.”

Heathers gentle tone and hurt look helped to calm Michael, allowing her to continue; she carefully lifted him, causing a small shudder of pleasure to run through them both, and placed the looking-glass in front of him.

Heather remained motionless, straining her abilities to the limit, trying to make out all the thoughts and emotions Michaels new for was producing as he stared transfixed on the image in front of him.

Looking into the mirror Michael searched in vain for his familiar face, but instead saw the impossible; a pair of emerald green, glass eyes, attached to a smooth, shiny plastic face, returned his gaze. Tiny pearl earrings adorned his/her new ears, while blue eye shadow and pink painted lips finished off a cute brunette head.

“This…this can’t be real,” he softly spoke, noticing how his pouty lips never moved.

“Oh Michael, it’s very real, I’m so very sorry, I never meant to do this without your permission, but you were falling, and I didn’t want you to get hurt. And as far as being what you are, it’s that I collect dolls, and love them, and well, it just sorta popped into my head. Please…please forgive me,” she pleaded.

Michaels mind and emotions were on overload, he wanted to jump up and run away, far away, but his plastic body wouldn’t move, his mind was screamed at his toy legs, “Move! Move damit!,” but nothing happened, but then again how could they, they weren’t real. He screamed out desperate for this nightmare to end.

Heather was trying, unsuccessfully, to calm the distraught boy down, but it was of no use, his mind was so full of fear and panic she just couldn’t through to him. Crying softly, she closed her eyes and cast the same sleep spell she had used before, causing him to slip into unconsciousness. Crying harder now, she lifted the small doll to her chest, then while hugging it tightly, allowed her soft sobs to become a heart wrenching downpour.


Michael awoke with a start, almost falling out of his bed. He looked around franticly, only to find he was safe and sound at home. “A dream? He questioned aloud, “No way was that a dream, but…but there’s no way that could have been real. “His mind still battling for the truth, he jumped out of bed and ran to the window. Looking out, he could have sworn, that just for a second, he saw Heathers tear soaked face staring back at him.

Time seemed to stand still for both of them; the last few days had been the most miserable of their lives. It had been raining nonstop since Michael had looked out his window and saw Heather crying all those days ago.

Michael sat inside his small hovel going over everything again and again. Was it real or not? He just couldn’t figure it out. If it was real, why wasn’t he hi-tailing it out of there, and if it wasn’t why couldn’t he just go to her. He wanted too, wanted it with all of his heart, but he was terrified.

Heather lay on her bed crying, she was tired, but she couldn’t sleep. The thought of having run her “One” off was eating her up inside. She would start towards the door to go and talk to him but she couldn’t muster up the strength to turn the handle, Instead she would take her worn out body back up the stairs and cry some more.

Kimiko had called twice, and could tell instantly something was very wrong with Heather, but she kept meeting resistance every time she asked her what was going on. It was really pissing her off that she wasn’t being open with her, but she held her tongue, realizing how much pain was behind her lover’s voice and not wanting to add to Heathers sadness. Kimiko resolved to finish her assignment as quickly as possible and fly back and spend as much time as needed to help her sad Sister.

Michael paced, still trying to figure out what to do. The smartest thing, in his opinion, to do, was to pack up, and get the hell out of dodge, but his heart just wasn’t in it. He felt a pull, a yearning for her that was starting to squelch his fears.

He played through the event again, trying to remember it all. He remembered helping her with a bag, chatting, her smile, something about tea, darkness, a giant Heather, then her touch, that painfully pleasurable touch, “Shit,” he said looking down at his arm, “Three days and I still get Goosebumps when I think about that touch,” gathering himself, he continued, his reflection, looking into that mirror and seeing a child’s play thing, freaking out, then waking up.

But there was something else, Wasn’t there? Focusing his mind, he tried, tried to remember, then all at once his fog of fear cleared. He remembered her trying to reach out to him, her voice in his head trying to comfort him, and…and Omg, she was crying. He could remember the tears falling around him.

For the first time in three days all of his fear was gone, clearing his soul, and making it possible for him to feel something far away, something sad, no, not something…someone, “Heather,” he said aloud, he could feel her tears, her broken heart, the pain was intense. Without another thought he headed out the door.

Heather lay in her bed still crying and preying, “Oh Goddess,” she whimpered, “I’ve found my “One” and now I’ve lost him forever, How can I live knowing he’s gone.” Tear after tear rolled down her cheeks onto her silk covered pillow. After the last three days it would be impossible to find a single dry spot on its soft, giving body.

How could she fix this? How can she make him understand? Her thought were so full and her feelings so out-of-control she barely heard the hard knock coming from her house door.

Michael ran as fast as he could taking no notice of the rain, or to the half buried sprinkler head that was coming closer with every stride. “Son-of-a-bi#$%,” he hollered, seconds before tripping over the small obstacle. He landed hard, falling into one of the many puddles that had formed during the three day rain fest. Lifting himself out of his hazard, he continued his journey across the street, stopping just short of running into Heathers door. Without hesitation he raised a wet fist and knocked loudly upon the hard door.

Heathers tears slowed then stopped at the sound of the rapping down-stairs. “It couldn’t be,” she spoke softly, allowing her body and mind to calm. She reached out and could feel him, her heart leapt and a tiny squeal escaped her lips. She jumped up and ran down the stairs as fast as her soft, bare feet could take her.

Reaching the door, Heather placed a hand on the knob, but stopped short of opening it, fear starting to replace the joy she felt moments ago.

“What if he’s here to yell at me, or call me a freak? Oh Goddess, what if he’s here to tell me to stay away, that he doesn’t want to see me again,” she began to panic and her body felt numb. “Please Goddess give me strength,” she prayed, and then with hope, opened the door.

Heather looked at her “One”, and all of her worries faded away; Standing in front of her was a sad sight to behold. Michael was standing in front of her cover from head to toe in mud; tiny droplets of blood were forming on fresh scratches on his hands and arms. He look at her through rain soaked matted hair and smiled a smile that warmed her soul. Heather needed no invitation, she stepped down onto the porch, wrapped her arms around her dirty “One” and kissed him with all the love she had inside.

Right at that moment, The rain stopped.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gifts For Lisa

Chris followed Kevin as they both walked down the steps into Kevin’s basement, “Whatcha need my help with?” Chris asked, as he reached the bottom step.

“It’s over here.” Kevin replied vaguely, and walk toward a large object covered with a sheet. “Help me get this off, would ya?” he asked, reaching out, grabbing an edge of the dusty covering.

“Sure bud, but we gotta hurry, I’m spose’ to meet up with Shelly in about half an hour, It’s her birthday; and you know she hates if I run late.” Chris stated, grabbing a corner himself, and together with Kevin, threw the tattered sheet over and off of Kevin’s surprise.

Letting the sheet fall, Chris approached what looked like a stand-alone closet; walking around it, he noticed a door on one side and a screen with a small keyboard on the other. “What is it?” he asked knocking on one of the solid sides.

“I’m not exactly sure.” Kevin admitted, “But I do know a little bout’ what it can do. I found it down here behind my dad’s old things, I think he must have found it before he and my sister left for that two month trip they won.”

Chris stopped knocking on the side and opened the door; “Wow” he gasped looking inside. “It’s so shiny in here; hey, what are these?” he asked, pointing at one of the numerous small rods protruding from the walls, “Look,” he started, “They’re even on the back of the door.”

“Like I said, I don’t know what it is, but….”Kevin began, quickly pushing Chris the rest of the way in and closing the door, leaving a ticked off Chris struggling to get out, “But, I do know what it can do.” Kevin finished under his breath, a wicked smile forming on his lips.

“Alright man very funny.” Chris shouted, still trying to escape, “Let me out, I have to meet Shelly; HEY! Can you even hear me?”

“Yes, I can, you don’t need to shout, I’m going to let you out very shortly, so just calm down.” Kevin said while walking to the screen and keyboard.

Hearing this, Chris started to relax and take a closer look at the small rods scattered throughout the interior; they were about two inches long, a half an inch thick, with little glass bulbs at the end of each one; reaching out to touch a rod, Chris pulled his hand back as it started to glow.

“What are you doing out there?” Chris inquired, his heart racing wildly.

“Just getting rid of my competition.” Kevin responded, his hands typing away on the keyboard.

“Competition? What are you talking about? I’ve never competed with you; Let me out of here.”

“Really, what about Shelly?” Kevin puzzled.

“Shelly?” Chris repeated, “What are you talking about, you introduced us.”

“Just to show you who I liked, then you went and stole her away from me.” Kevin hollered, still typing away.

“I didn’t know, you… you never told me how you felt.” Chris explained.

Kevin stopped typing for a second and contemplated what Chris was saying, “He’s right.” Kevin thought, “Maybe I’m going too far, If Chris broke up with her, I could swoop in and comfort her.”

Kevin took two steps toward the door to let Chris out when He heard Chris say, “If you had told me, I would have backed off, and not fallen in love with her; you’re my friend after all.” He finished.

“Love?, you’re in love with her,” Kevin shouted, “You can’t love her, she’s mine,” he wailed, almost running back to the keyboard.

Chris knew he had made a mistake telling Kevin he was in love with Shelly, especially if he went through the trouble of locking him in a cabinet just to keep him from attending Shelly’s birthday party. “Oh well,” he thought, “Whenever I get out I’ll just explain to Shelly what hap…”

But that was as far as he got before Kevin hit “Scan”, and the small rod’s sparked to life.

Chris froze; the rods sparked violently creating bright pink, blue, and orange beams of light that fired into his body, vaporizing his clothing. He stood naked, unable to move, as the light continued to penetrate through every atom of Chris’s soul.

The rods stopped their assault, and Chris found he could talk once more, “Kevin…”he began, “Kevin, what the hell was that? That…that light, and…and my clothes, what are you doing?”

Kevin’s smile broadened, and opened his mouth to reply when he heard someone clearing their throat behind him.

“Ahumm…Arumm” the person cleared their throat again; "Just what do you think you’re doing mister?” the soft, sexy voice asked. Kevin didn’t need to turn around to know who it was, he knew that voice, he’d heard it almost every day, since the day he was born, “M…Mom?” he stammered and turned to see his very upset mother.

“I asked you a question mister;” she repeated, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Kevin didn’t have a chance to reply before a shaky plea came from within the strange machine, “Miss Johnson? Oh Miss Johnson, thank God you’re here, Please…Please let me out of here;” the boy begged.

“Chris, is that you?” she asked, her eyes never leaving her sons direction.

“Yes…yes, it’s me please let me out, I want to get out of here, please open the door…and please bring me something to cover up with, please hurry.” Chris implored, relief starting to wash over him.

“Naked” she thought, still gazing at her son, “So you’ve scanned him?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes Ma’am,” Kevin answered respectfully, not wanting to get in more trouble, “But…but how do you know about it?”

  Miss Johnson’s eyes sparkled in remembrance, It had been almost three weeks ago when her husband had first shown her the machine


“Hunny, hunny, come look at this.” Mr. Johnson, (Pete), called out.

“What is it,” Lisa, (Mrs. Johnson), asked, curiosity clearly heard in her voice.

“I’m not quite sure, but look at this,” he replied holding up a small cat figurine.

“You know how much I looove collecting these,” she said, giving Pete a big hug, “It’s sooo cute, where did you get it?”

“I made it with this,” he smiled brightly, motioning towards his unique find, “Though I did have a little help.” He confessed.

“This thing makes cute figurines.” She asked, walking closer to get a better look at Pete’s cool new toy. “Show me,” she began, “Make another one.” Her excitement now, almost uncontainable.

“Well…you see, that’s kinda a problem.”

“Why? Omg you were just pulling my leg, I can’t bel…”

“No,” he interrupted, “It's just that to make something you need someone to go inside”. “You see,” he tried to explain, “That little cat figurine, well…that is really Lacie, our cat.”

Lisa looked down at the small ceramic cat in disbelief, “There’s no way I’m going to buy that,” Lisa said and turned to walk back upstairs, “You almost had me,” she admitted.

“Wait, wait, I’ll prove it, we just need someone to go inside, I know….Cathy!” he yelled. “Cathy! Come down here.”

“You can’t be thinking about putting our daughter in there?” Lisa fumed.

“Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe” Mr. Johnson assured his wife, “I’ve turned the cat into hundreds of things and she has always been fine when I changed her back.

Mrs. Johnson started to protest, when her beautiful daughter came hopping down the stairs. “What do you need Daddy?” She asked, a cheerful smile gracing her lovely face.

“Well…I want to show you a magic trick I’ve learned for your baby cousin’s party; want to help out?”He asked.

“Sure daddy, what do I need to do?” she asked, not noticing the disapproving glare her mother was giving her father.

“Just get inside the magic box, and I’ll make you disappear,” he laughed, ignoring his wife’s gaze.

“In here, like this?” she inquired.

“That’s perfect dear, now shut the door and close your eyes, this is going to take a couple minutes.” He told her, motioning for his wife to join him at the controls.

“Ok Daddy.” Cathy smiled, closing the door as instructed.

Lisa walk slowly, still not sure if they should be doing this, but reason took hold of her and she knew it was impossible.

“Now watch,” Pete said. “First thing we have to do is scan her, and you do that by pressing this button here.” He said, pressing down a small green key labeled scan.

Cathy froze in place inside the box, then after a brief moment she let out a tiny scream that startled both of her parents.

Lisa ran to the door to let her daughter out, “I thought you said she would be fine.” She accused Pete reaching for the handle.

“What’s wrong? Why did you scream?” Pete asked with concern.

“It’s my clothes Daddy…they…they disappeared, I’m naked.” Cathy stated.

“Are you hurt sweetie?” her mother asked her hand still ready to open the door.

“No mom, I’m fine, I didn't know this was part of the trick, My clothes better come back before you let me out, cause’ I’m not coming out this way at the party.

” Pete and Lisa let out a chuckle, “Of course they will,” Lisa promised and walked over and hit Pete. “You didn’t tell me her clothes were going to disappear.”

“I didn’t know.” He admitted, “I’ve only used this thing on the cat, and she doesn’t wear any.

Lisa looked Pete in the eyes, “This thing is really going to work.” She mused, a mischievous smile making its way across her lips.

“I told you.” He replied, his own smile getting bigger. “Now next is the fun part,” he said pointing at the screen, “Now we get to pick what we want to change her into, and…” he smiled “other things.”

Lisa looked at the list, it was endless; Pete showed her how to use the different options and how to sort objects into different categories to make selections easier. The whole time Lisa was becoming more and more aroused, she found herself flexing very intimate muscles and blushed.

“I see your going to like this thing as much as me.” Pete teased, seeing her reaction to the many possibilities. “Well, I guess I’ll let you choose, what do you want to turn your daughter into?”

  The question alone was enough to push Lisa over the edge and she blushed again as a small moan escaped her lips. She kissed Pete softly and pressed her selections.

The machine hummed to life as the image of Lisa’s desire spun slowly on the display panel. A small chime rang out and the word’s “Transformation Complete” appeared underneath the rotating picture.

Cathy was standing naked and a little scared inside her father’s “Magic box.” She had been extremely excited to help perform a trick for her cousin’s party, but she had thought it was going to be a “trick,” not real magic. She didn’t know what to do, she wanted to be a good girl and help, but her fear was taking over. She had just decided to get out; when the “Box,” started working again and she found she couldn’t move.

Cathy’s world got bigger as she watched as the walls grew in front of her. Her body was twisted, pulled and compressed so badly she was having a hard time telling where one body part began and another ended. Smaller and smaller she shrunk, the whole while her skin taking on a pinkish hue. Then just as quickly as her transformation had begun, it stopped. She sat upright only a few seconds before gravity took hold causing Cathy to fall helplessly to one side.

“Did it work?” Lisa asked, looking towards Pete.

“Take a look for yourself.” He smiled, and motioned at the door.

Lisa’s heart pounded as she took a step, “Cathy!” she yelled out; “Cathy sweetie, can you hear mommy?” she asked, her hand on the door handle, a bit too nervous to open it.

“Ohh for crying-out-loud Lisa, open the door and look at what you’ve done to your little girl.” Pete pushed.

Taking just one more second, Lisa opened the door wide, half expecting to see her baby girl standing there, ready to yell, “Surprise,” or “We gotcha.” What she saw instead, brought out a small shriek of excitement and a huge smile.

“Oh-my-God, Oh-my-God, Oh-my-God,” she stammered. “It worked, it really worked.” Lisa finished as she bent down and picked up her transformed daughter.

Lisa’s eyes were as big as saucers and her face was locked in an expression of utter bliss. She was holding a soft, cute Chanel purse against her body, giggling and spinning in circles.

“This tiny pink purse is truly our daughter Cathy?” she asked Pete, just wanting to hear him confirm it one more time.

“Yep,” he replied with a smile. “She’s gone from a part of the family, to a part of your wardrobe in just seconds.” He finished, his comment eliciting a small excited shriek from his wife.

“Does she know what’s happened to her?” Lisa asked, biting the corner of her lip.

Pete walked over to the display and looked over the options his wife had made, “According to this,” he began, gesturing to the monitor, “She has no idea, to her and the rest of the world, besides the two of us of course, she is now just your brand new handbag.

Lisa ran her finger along the stitching on her pretty new purse, “How long will she stay like this?”

“Well from my tests with the cat I would have to say…Forever, or at least until you put her back in the machine, so I guess, her fate is in your hands,” Pete laughed, “Literally.”

Lisa looked down at her new purse, her heart was racing, why was she so excited? She didn’t want to keep her daughter like this, did she? No, not forever, but she would like to go show her off, the idea of matching her daughter to different outfits was driving her arousal through the roof.

“Ok hunny, I think you should put her in the machine so we can turn her back, summer just started and I’m sure Cathy had all kinds of plans for today.” Pete reasoned.

Lisa’s heart shot to her throat, Turn her back? Already? No…no she couldn’t let that happen, not yet, she had to think, think fast. “Umm Pete, do…do you think it’s safe to, Just turn her back?”

“It should be, Why?

“I was just thinking,” Lisa hurried to put a plan in action, “You only tested this thing on the cat, what if there are side effects that the cat couldn’t tell you about? What if the transformation was painful or…or scary, what if when we turn her back she just starts freaking out?

Pete could tell Lisa was concerned, but he could also see that she wasn’t telling him everything that was going through her head. “We have to turn her back hunny; we’ll just have to deal with whatever “Side effects” she has, once she’s human again.”

Lisa squeezed her daughter tight, “Of course we need to turn her back, I just think it would be better if we knew exactly what we were dealing with.”

“Well, what do you suggest?”

“I think one of us should get in and experience the transformation for ourselves, then; once we’re changed back we’ll know if there’s going to be any problems.”

Pete looked his wife over, he could tell she was scheming, but there was logic in what she was saying, “Ok, that sounds like a good idea, Just get insi….”

“No Way!” Lisa yelled, cutting him off, “If there is a problem, you want me to have it too?"

Pete began, “You really don’t expect me to get in there do ya?”

“You betcha, this whole thing was your idea, so it’s only fair that you be the one.”

Pete was hesitant, but his wife was right, “Ok, I’ll get in, but, but promise you’ll turn me back right away.”

"I promise I’ll turn you back, what kind of person do you think I am?" Lisa replied with fake anger in her voice, her plan was almost a reality.

“Ok ok, I’m sorry,” Pete apologized giving Lisa a small kiss on her cheek, “So do you know what I’ll be?

“You’ll just have to wait and find out,” Lisa teased, hurrying Pete inside the machine and closing the door.

Pete stood quietly replaying the morning events and thinking about what his wife was going to turn him in to, when suddenly he came to a realization, Lisa had only promised to turn him back, but not right away. He started to yell out but he knew it was too late, his clothes had already disappeared and the transformation was beginning.

Lisa shifted her weight from foot to foot, her panties soaked, she had her daughter hanging helplessly over her shoulder, and now… now she had tricked her hubby into the machine to become, for as long as she wanted, a special gift for herself. Lisa scanned the display, smiled mischievously and chose her husband’s destiny.

End Part 1

Friday, July 15, 2011

She Likes Mom Best

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Cody asked, his excitement and uncertainty clearly visible on his face. “Of course”, Yukino replied with a small grin, “Are you really sure you want me to do this?”

“Cody, get in here right now! You’re going to spend the next two weeks grounded to your room”, Cody’s mom, Stacy, yelled.

“Yes please I’m sure” Cody blurted “Please hurry, I don’t want to waste my vacation stuck in my room.”

“Ok, stand still and close your eyes, it helps keep you from getting too dizzy.” Yukino explained. “OOya zzeft kenipi” she chanted quietly.

Cody’s body began to shimmer, he could feel himself start to fall and bend in ways that his mind screamed impossible, fear started to take hold of him and he began to panic.

“This I a bad idea.” He tried to shout, “Stop this, I’ve changed my mind!” but it was too late, he felt himself fall gently to the floor, and watched helplessly as Yukino looked down at him from what seemed like miles above him.

“Hi there Cody,” Yukino smiled and bent down slowly, carefully lifting the transformed boy by his new, thin shoulder straps, “You turned out so very cute.”

“Cody, where are you?” Stacy shouted again, as she walked in and watched Yukino hold a delicate dress in the air by its straps with one hand and slowly stroked the soft material with her other.

Yukino stopped what she was doing and faced Stacy; the two ladies looked at each other and smiled, “That’s not…” Stacy began and started to laugh, “That’s not Cody…He actually let you turn him into that girlie thing?”

“I told you he would.” Yukino grinned while undressing. “When he heard you yelling about being grounded, he darn near begged me to do.” She finished a twinkle in her eye.

Stacy walked over and took her transformed son from Yukino as the young girl was undressing, “So you thought you could get out of your punishment by hiding from me again.” She mocked and gently tossed him in the air, catching him before he fell to the floor, laughing loudly at her son’s predicament. “Well not this time,” she finished and helped pull him over Yukino's sexy little body.

“So I get to keep him for two weeks?” Yukino asked, twirling, enjoying the feeling of her new creation.

“Just one”, Stacy corrected, “At the end of the week I want you to bring him back and change him into something I can wear.” She winked and took another chance to touch the fine material. “A purse maybe, or…something I can wear to bed.”

Yukino smiled mischievously, “Ok see you in a week.” She promised, and grabbed her discarded clothes and walked out the door.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hihi 104

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Remote Pt.1

Her: Sweetie, come quick!

You: What is it Hun?

Her: I did it, I finally did it.

You: No way, you got your project working, that’s wonderful. Umm what does it do? It just looks like a TV remote to me.

Her: It might look like just a regular remote but its soo much more. This remote will combine living things.

You: Combine living things? Like what? And why would you want to be able to do that.

Her: Hehe, remember that office trip to Hawaii I was telling you about?

You: Ya, the one we decided you weren’t going on without me.

Her: Yep, That’s the one, now we’ll both be able to go.

You: Wow that’s great, I didn’t know you’d be able to sell that thing and get enough cash for me to go.

Her: Sell? Hehe no way, with this we can go together using the same ticket.

You: You don’t mean, No! You’re not using that thing on me.

Her: Oh come on, it’ll be lots of fun, I promise.

You: Will it hurt?

Her: Nope, not at all, actually it should feel really good. Wana try?

You: Whoa now, the trip isn’t even for another couple of weeks, what’s the hurry?

Her: Oh, this is just to show you how it works, come on sweetie, I’ll change you right back.

You: Ok, but remember, you promised to change me right back.

Her: Hehe, I promise, now what to combine you with, (Giggling), I’ve got it; I hope you’re ready, this should be interesting.

You: Wait just a second what are you going to DOOOoooo….


Her: Oh my, I can feel you in there, it feels soooo good. How is it for you?

You: Holy Sh**, It really worked, I’m your bumm; wait a second, how is it I can still talk to you?

Her: You can’t really, the remote is fitted with a special speaker, as long as I have it on and synced to you I can hear what you’re thinking to me.

You: Wow this feels really good; I can feel that I’m a part of you. I can feel the warmth of your…erm our body. Hey wait, what are you doing?

Her: Unhh…Unhhh, I’m tiring to see if my pants still fit, but just as I thought, nope. I guess I’ll have to go shopping and get some that fit my, or rather, our new curves.

You: Alright, turn me back and we’ll go shopping.

Her: I’m sorry sweetie, I can’t right now, the only way to get clothes that fit are to try them on in my new size, I can’t really do that if I change you back right now, now can I?

You: But Hun, you promised, now turn me back, I SAID TURN ME BACK RIGHT NOW!!

Her: If you’re going to be that way about it, (Click) There, I just turned the speaker off, now I can go shopping in peace and quiet. I hope when I turn you back on your attitude changes or I might just forget about you and leave you off, I’m sure that with my new bottom, I won’t have a hard time finding a new lover.